Top 5 Tips to Remember While Using Chastity Device

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So, you are planning to experiment with male chastity and have even got a chastity device. That’s great as chastity devices are an integral part of BDSM plays. In fact, it’s a popular chastity kink in London. Now, if you have decided to play the role of a subordinate, you have to get yourself caged in the first place and not just being brought to hotels with huge butt plugs. Besides, you must be planning to stay confined to your chastity device for quite some time now, even if you have to go outside with sex toys, you should never take it off. It’s a different sensation to find yourself caged so that you can proceed only as per the wish of your mistress.

The post below offers a brief on using chastity devices safely.

Use cotton swabs

You should always be extremely particular about cleaning the chastity device and your penis everyday. And this is where cotton swabs are extremely handy. They can be pushed through air holes of chastity devices for regular cleaning of sweat, dirt as well as general stickiness on the area. Even if you use toilet paper, then, also use cotton swab for the final cleaning.

Goes to show how cotton swabs are useful in BDSM kinks. Cotton swabs can be used, among others, in cleaning those small urethral plugs for women.

It’s to note here that a caged man should keep his genitals dry. Thus, after a shower, make sure to use cotton swabs to dry up the area.

How to remedy dry skin?

One of the most common complaints from caged men is dry skin issues. Well, you are most likely to develop dry skin in case you rely too much on harsh soaps. You cannot use anything harsh on your genitals as the softest parts of your body. Always use organic washes while cleaning the genitals. In regards to dry skin issues, a herbal moisturizer will be helpful. Just put some moisturizer on cotton swab and then maneuver it to the right places. It will not only keep the skin moisturized but will also help with amazing stimulation.

Baby oil for scrotum soreness

Caged men also complain of scrotum soreness at times. When you are caged, you are not supposed to have orgasm. And it makes men even hornier resulting in involuntary erections, especially at night. These involuntary erections often lead to soreness in scrotum. Worse, the ball sack may get red, painful which will cause severe trouble while sleeping. In such situations, the best remedy is baby oil. You should apply baby oil on your genitals every night before retiring to bed. Baby oil must be applied after cleaning the genitals as well. But do not apply lubes here, unless you go for water-based lubes.

Go for rubber-coated locks

Your chastity device has most possibly got a metal lock. Now, while metal looks really cool but we can’t forget they have got very sharp edges. And those edges do pinch. You can’t enjoy your chastity with an uncomfortable feeling all the time. Thus, it’s better to get a rubber-coated lock instead of a metal one. You won’t find such a lock with your device. You will have to get it yourself from your local hardware outlet. The rubber-coated locks are more comfortable thanks to their curved edges.

Take breaks occasionally

It’s true that you love to stay being caged. You enjoy the feeling of being dominated. But, you should also remember that keeping a foreign body attached tightly to your delicate parts at a long stretch is not a wise thing to do. Thus, experts always advise to take breaks. Consult with your dom mistress keyholder that when she would prefer to open you up. But make sure she agrees to open you up for a while. It will be better if you can take a break from the chastity device at least for two weeks after a long interval. In fact, it will be a rejuvenating feeling to get back to your old routine after a short break.  Tell your dom to divert her attention to dildos during weekends or perhaps vibrators during holidays while you take your break. It’s up to you!

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