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Joining Yummy Little Cooks mean starting on a unique life journey.

Are you searching for a fascinating and rewarding experience engaging alongside passionate professionals? Go for it!


We offer career freedom as different destinations to work in. The sky’s the limit. Together, we’re changing tomorrow’s future.


You have no qualifications or experience in the zone? We run occupational training to assess your attitudes and give you the chance to train and grow with us.

Attractive salaries

Our goal is to recognize our employees’ skills and performance and at the same time respecting the principles of fairness and non-discrimination.

To ensure our salaries are competitive, we regularly supervise surveys of local markets and functional firms. This allow us to provide inspirational support for all our teams with the aim of facilitating and encouraging their development.

From the very first level of administration, our staff are offered a pay package that includes choies of performance-based proportion. This bonus reflects the achievement of both personal and collective objectives, as well as their contribution to theĀ  success.

Our employees’ skills and experience are also accepted in the form of individual pay rises.

Regular support

Meeting in a calm setting, attending an appraisal and setting targets is a valuable process, both for managers and employees.

A few meetings or discussions are held throug the year to supervise conversation and motivate teams.

These provide the perfect chance for a gesture of the company’s strategy to ensure that targets are suitable, while at the same time building up the connections between managers and employees.

At Yummy Little Cooks, we take employee comment on board and prefer to act as a coach.

For more information you can drop us an email at our contact page.