20 Foods To Change The Taste Of Cum From Bitter To Better

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It’s difficult to describe what semen tastes like because every man is different.


We know the general recipe for boy juice – fructose, sodium, 1% sperm, and a dash of vitamins and minerals. However, the flavor has been described as anything from fresh oysters, old pennies, cleaning products, black truffles, balloons, bad sour cream, shampoos, or just plain bitter/salty/sweet.


And guys wonder why many partners aren’t keen on swallowing.





Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any significant stab by the scientific community – mostly because trials and data compiling takes money, and that money comes from government funding or big business (both of which are only going to fund something if they can make money off of).


“Scientifically researching this would be a very difficult process,” says Jerry Coyne, Ph.D., professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Chicago. “You could take sperm samples, but the flavor is a subjective phenomenon based on how chemicals react with receptors in your brain.”


However, there has been plenty of informal testing…




In general, it’s the same the thing causes it to taste good -health and diet (or any general intake into your body).


For example, foods that are high in sulfur content, like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli will make it taste quite bad.


Infections can affect semen flavor




“Well he/she swallows, so it must be good.”


I hate to burst the male bubble, but that statement isn’t always true. Most of the time, swallowing comes from a need to impress or simply to “show them how much you care about them.” However, there are MANY ways to subtly get rid of it … or just power through and pray you to get to drink something soon.


You could just flat out ask, but the answer might be a brutal honesty that deflates the ego or a little white lie that tries to spare your feelings.


The key, if you really want things to be tasty, is being pro-active and taking control of your diet and lifestyle.





CAFFEINE – A little is okay but large amounts will end up making things taste bitter


DAIRY – The good bacteria in your digestive tract doesn’t equate to good southern tastes.


MEAT – It might be heaven in the mouth, but it will just add extra salt to the system. I guess that’s why (rumor has it) vegetarians have better release flavors. If the carnivore in you craves flesh, go for some white meat.


PROCESSED FOODS – These have plenty of chemicals that will screw with discharges. Sorry.


ASPARAGUS – It should be pretty obvious since it makes your pee smell funky.


DRUGS & BOOZE – These feel-good substances are better left for after playtime (if you want your juices to be something palatable).


SMOKING – This bad habit INFUSES more than just semen. It will also come out of your skin and nipples. Not to mention making your breath taste foul. Better to cut it out altogether.





WATER – Dehydration will reduce the amount of seminal fluid.


VARIOUS FRUITS – Everyone knows pineapple will work some magic, but did you know that lemonsplumsblueberrieskiwis, and cranberries (which help with PH levels) will work just as well.


CERTAIN HERBS – Things like peppermintparsley, and wheatgrass.


CINNAMON – Highly recommended across the board. Find ways to slip it into your diet (things like in your coffee or a dash in your cooking etc.)


CELERY – High in vitamin C and flushes out some of the salty taste. Not to mention the negative calories. Stock up your fridge with this snack.


ENHANCERS – Even if big pharmaceutical hasn’t totally jumped on the bandwagon, plenty of companies have gone ahead and made pills to


GENERAL HEALTHY EATING – They will help in the long run – and not just for your personal cocktail. Make sure you have your annual checkups and be aware that medication will also alter things (don’t stop your meds just to have candy flavored squirts! Just balance it with other things).


*OBVIOUS SAFETY NOTE: Exposure to other’s bodily fluids should only come with an STI check and/or trusted partner.





  • Some experts say drinking a glass or two of fruit juice a couple of hours before will do nothing.


  • They also say that only doing something for a few days before, or long-term changes to your diet will affect the taste.


  • No amount of food or changes will make it taste like the ice cream we wish it was.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


If all else fails, you could just cook with it. Yes, that’s a thing … semen cookbooks.


Have you tried any of these foods? Did you notice a difference? Or … have you ever cooked with the stuff? Share in the comments!